Blastmite Dog Flea Mite Shampoo 1000ml

Blastmite Dog Flea Mite Shampoo 1000ml
Blastmite Dog Flea Mite Shampoo 1000ml Blastmite Dog Flea Mite Shampoo 1000ml Blastmite Dog Flea Mite Shampoo 1000ml
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BLAST-MITE SHAMPOO A hypoallergenic shampoo for routine use - contains herbal insect repellents. You will find this excellent shampoo the finest all round shampoo available. It contains an oil-free moisturiser and a conditioner to restore coat condition and to produce a smooth and glossy appearance. This detergent free and gentle emollient shampoo also removes strong odours and leaves a pleasant herbal smell on the coat. Contains citronella, lavender, citrus extract and tea tree oil. Blastmite Shampoo 500ml £9.95.


The life and life cycle of the flea, & why is flea control so difficult?
They make pets' lives miserable, and humans begin to itch just at the thought of them. Vets are often asked what pill, drop, dip, collar, or shampoo works the best to get rid of these persistent parasites. The answer is that there is no single method or insecticide that will completely eradicate (or at least control) a flea problem. The flea life cycle is fairly complex, and understanding the various stages will make it easier to get rid of them.
Collectively, all of the species of fleas are categorized under the order name of Siphonaptera. The cat flea, Ctenocephalides felix, is the most commonly found flea in the UK and infests cats, dogs, humans, and other mammalian and avian hosts.
Fleas thrive in warm, moist environments and climates. The main flea food is blood from the host animal. Host animals are many species - cats, dogs, humans, etc. Fleas primarily utilize mammalian hosts (about 95%). Fleas can also infest avian species (about 5%). Flea saliva, like other biting skin parasites, contains an ingredient that softens, or "digests" the host's skin for easier penetration and feeding. The saliva of fleas is irritating and allergenic -- the cause of all the itching, scratching, and other signs seen with Flea Allergy Dermatitis, or FAD.
Fleas have four main stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The total flea life cycle can range from a couple weeks to several months, depending on environmental conditions.
The eggs usually fall off of the animal into the carpet, bedding, floorboards (these must be treated regularly with suitable spray inc Flea Away), and soil. When the flea egg hatches varies -- anywhere from two days to a few weeks, depending on environmental conditions.

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